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Sales of the Heliotherm range of Air Source & Ground Source Heat Pumps Soar

HeliothermWe’re pleased to announce that UK sales of the Heliotherm range of air source & ground source heat pumps has exceeded all expectations. Not that we were in any doubt that once we demonstrated the capabilities of these high quality units to deliver maximum performance with minimal effort for renewable cost effective energy that there wouldn’t be a huge demand. The uptake has been impressive, from self-builders and developers alike, with interest shown from one local authority whose environment officer visited our showroom to check out the noise level.

“OK. You can switch it on now…” she said. I think the appropriate phrase to describe her reaction when we told her it was already on is ‘gobsmacked’.

A leading air source heat pump manufacturer is currently ‘shouting’ about their ultra-quiet 8.5 kW unit with a quoted sound output of 58db(A). Our Heliotherm 8kW has an even lower output at 29.4db(A).

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Modular Eco Building company choose Ecocent MEV system

Offsite building provider installs new eco-building at premium holiday resort in Kent, utilizing the ESP Ecocent MEV.

Oxfordshire based Green Unit installs their ARC™ eco-building at environmentally-conscious, self-catering holiday resort, Great Field Farm near Canterbury. The premium eco-building, known as the Green Unit ARC™, was manufactured offsite in modular sections and delivered to the Great Field Farm site virtually complete.

green unit 1

The building’s unique curved design mimics the natural environment, and the use of sustainable materials creates a calm and relaxing getaway for holiday goers in the heart of the Kent Downs. It's positioned on a prime spot overlooking green vistas; well placed to benefit from stunning sunsets and the night’s sky. 

green unit 3

The 90 sqm building is equipped with environmentally-friendly features such as a green roof, a heat exchange system, infra-red underfloor heating, and smart sensors to regulate pollen, CO₂ levels, ventilation, heating and lighting. The Ecocent Ambient MEV which is installed in the ARC™ is a combined heat pump and unvented water cylinder. This heat pump can draw air internally or externally and is equipped with the latest EC fan motor. The tank is constructed from Duplex SS-2205. ESP Ecocent units are industry leading, innovative hot water supply systems which use a built-in Air Source Heat Pump to scavenge waste heat and make domestic hot water production highly efficient offering a saving of up 70%.

green unit 5

The building’s three bedrooms comfortably sleep six people, and it boasts a westerly facing glazed end where guests can enjoy stunning sunsets within the state-of-the-art kitchen and a beautiful living space.

green unit building

Mr and Mrs Castle, the owner-managers of Great Field Farm, are looking forward to welcoming guests into their ARC™ - fondly named the Bumble Barn - at the end of May. The new accommodation offers Mr and Mrs Castle a unique opportunity to expand their environmentally-conscious business, allowing the couple to cater to the demand for larger families and groups. 

Lewana Castle said that she and her husband “just fell in love with the concept and design of the ARC™ as soon as they saw it.”

“We chose the Green Unit ARC as we liked the idea that it can be built under cover in the winter, is delivered practically complete, and that disruption on our site is minimal, so not affecting our other holiday guests."

"We pride our business on offering guests the space and freedom of the outdoors, but with the warmth and comfort of a house. The new ARC building offers exactly that. Our guests will love the new experience of living in the round of the curved building, and I think they’ll be interested in the ARC’s sustainable features and clever technology. We’re looking forward to welcoming guests into our new ARC accommodation, and we’re sure that it’s an excellent investment for our business." 

Jonathan Finnerty, Managing Director of Green Unit, said “the Great Field Farm project marks an important milestone for Green Unit as we deliver the ARC into what we expect to be the first of many businesses within the UK tourism sector.”  

Go here for more details about the Ecocent and additional ESP products. More information about Green Unit is available here.

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BetterAir Probiotic Purifiers UK Supplier

Earth Save Products can now supply the BetterAir Enviro-Biotics™ line of probiotics that improves air quality and prolongs the cleanliness of hard surfaces. Enviro-Biotics create an indoor microbial balance, combating Sick Building Syndrome by replenishing the necessary load of beneficial bacteria. These BetterAir Probiotic Purifiers offer an automatic solution for a range of public and private spaces—from 200 square feet to up to 45,000 square feet—including households, offices, gyms, spas, health care facilities, hotels, schools and transportation.

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Using ESP Improves Energy Performance Ratings

Energy Performance Certificate 01Heliotherm 12kW CC Monobloc unit. Ecocent 300Ltr. PV Array. The optimum system for the property – the client wanted to achieve an 'A' rating and could find no other company who could deliver this.

Designed, supplied and installed by ESP to the complete satisfaction of the client. Even better, we now monitor the system performance 24hrs a day, 365 days of the year. By using our system optimisation engineers, we have remotely already improved system performance by over 10% - Just by tweaking settings and the ASHP unit learning the way the customer uses the system capability. We do this with all Heliotherm units where the customer opts for the remote monitoring module – this module is a one off payment and the ongoing monitoring costs the customer nothing.

Energy Performance pg2


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New Ecocent Air and Ecocent Ambient Installation

malvern air 1New installation of Ecocent Air and Ecocent Ambient units to provide hot water, underfloor heating and mechanical ventilation in a new build in Malvern, Worcestershire..

malvern air 2

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New Build Project in Portsmouth; Latest Photos.

Earth Save Products have provided our ESP Heliotherm Sensor Comfort Compact (8kW at -7°) underfloor heating system along with our 300 ltr Ecocent built into an MHVR system. The house has a 4kW PV array installed which will utilize a Tesla PV Power Storage battery. The underfloor heating installation is completed and the MVHR pipework is underway.

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Another Heliotherm Successfully Installed

55kW Heliotherm MonoblocThe Earth Save Products Team recently installed a 55Kw Heliotherm Monobloc in an Oxfordshire new build. The client chose an ivy graphic from those on offer to decorate the unit.

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More ESP Products installed on Guernsey

h guernsey 2ESP directors Nick Hale and Dave Clarke recently spent a day on Guernsey looking at three projects using Heliotherm 80kW air source heat pump, MVHR, UFH and swimming pool heat pump. All installations are being carried out by AFG Guernsey.

Guernsey buffer tanks

h guernsey 4

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Award Winning Ecocent in Award Winning Houses

The Tigh Grian development was completed in August 2017. These social homes were designed and manufactured off site using a new method of construction said to speed up the whole build process by 25%. The homes conform to The Scottish Building Standards Sustainability Gold Level; the package that ESP delivered could not be equalled by any other supplier. They all have an Ecocent Hot Water System installed.

This new housing development for Link Group Ltd and Paragon Housing Association at Queen Street, Alva has now been officially opened by the Minister for Local Government and Housing, Kevin Stewart. The £5.3 million construction of 48 homes for social rent began in February 2016, and was supported by a grant of £3,076,916 from the Scottish Government’s Greener Homes Initiative scheme.

Read more: Award Winning Ecocent in Award Winning Houses

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Heliotherm 60kW Installation

The Earth Save Products team deliver a new 60 kW Heliotherm Sensor Solid Air/Water Pump Split Design to a residential property in South Oxfordshire





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ESP Expands to Bigger Exhibition Stand at NSBRC

nsbrc entrance 2Come and meet the Earth Save Products Team on their Bigger and Bolder Stand (No. 42) at The National Self Build & Renovation Show, Friday 17th-Sunday 19th May 2019.

Discover everything you need to know about Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps and gain valuable knowledge from our experienced designers about the optimium system for your project. See close up our award winning Ecocent Hot Water Systems, Ecocent Air MVHR, ESP Solis Air Source Heat Pumps and Heliotherm Air Source & Ground Source Heat Pumps. Book your free tickets here.

nsbrc floorplan

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New Build Project in Portsmouth

Earth Save Products will be providing our ESP Heliotherm Sensor Comfort Compact (8kW at -7°) underfloor heating system along with our 300 ltr Ecocent built into an MHVR system. The house now has a 4kW PV array installed which will utilise a Tesla PV Power Storage battery. The underfloor heating piping we supplied is now being fitted.

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New Build: Pinhays Park

new build 01new build 03

new build 04new build 05

new build 06new build 02

 Earth Save Products have supplied ASHP, UFH, MVHR and Ecocent for DHW for this new-build in Devon.

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GreenUnit Modular Eco Buildings Choose Ecocent MEV System

Earth Save Products are pleased to announce that GreenUnit Modular Eco Buildings are using the Ecocent #MEV System integrated into a Loxone total house management system.

Green Unit 3
Green Unit 4
Green Unit 1
Green Unit 5

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Bespoke Designed & Built Buffer Tanks

buffers diagrams 1Earth Save Products are now able to offer designed/custom built buffer tanks for any project from small residential to large heating and cooling projects, including biomass projects, district heating, CHP (Combined Heat & Power) systems and chilled water systems. For those not in the know, a buffer tank retains heat for later use and can supplement the heat source when demand is high or store heat when demand is less. Stored heat can be immediately accessed without the heat source needing to get up to temperature; this is very useful for maintaining a constant output. Contact us on 01865 598158 for more information.

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New Q-ton CO2 R744 Heat Pump Installation

The Earth Save Products Team recently completed a new installation of a Mitsubishi Q-ton CO2 R744 heat pump for a glamping site in Rutland.  This will produce all of the direct hot water (DHW) for the site saving them thousands of pounds per annum.

Q Ton 1
Q Ton 2
Q-ton 4
Q Ton 3

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First ever TV commercial for NSBRC

The National Self Build & Renovation Centre's (NSBRC) first ever TV commercial began airing on Channel 4’s catch-up service on the 1st September.  The 30 second advert will be seen by over 2.6million viewers watching their ‘Homes on 4’ programmes, across two phases, from September through to mid-October and then from Boxing Day into the new year.  NSBRC are excited about the positive impact this could have on visitors numbers to the centre. The Earth Save Products Team are looking forward to talking to even more self builders in the months ahead.



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Suppliers of Microflex Pre-insulated Pipe Systems

MIcroflexEarth Save Products can now supply Microflex Pre-insulated Pipes – The Perfect Solution for your energy distribution system – Ideal for a variety of hydronic, heating, cooling, sanitary and potable water applications.

  • Best Flexibility
  • Highly flexible twin outer wall jacket
  • Age resistant installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Constant thermal insulation performance
  • Easy to install (no special tooling required)
  • RHI compliant
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